"It's hard to describe the unique place of importance that the Carol Strawn Center has become to our family. Without the Carol Strawn Center, I doubt we would still be a family. It would have just been too tough. I cannot speak highly enough of the Center and its truly caring staff." - Carrol Hernandez

"The staff are wonderful with my mother. You can tell they really care about the clients. They have always been so helpful with providing information about other services and agencies. I work and it certainly provides peace of mind with her being at the Center. I know she will eat and that she is safe while I'm working." - Diane Viachos

"The staff is very caring to my Mom's needs and they are excellent in communicating issues and successes with us regarding my Mother. We are so thankful for the help they have provided." - Tammi Hedglin

"I don't have to worry. I know they [Center staff] will take care of my husband. This has been a blessing to me. Thank you so much." - Shirley Worstell